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As an experienced international team we understand the challenges of finding reliable partners that align with our goals. We commit to collaboration for mutual benefit, combining resources, expertise, and efforts. End-to-end employee travel services and requirements, business events, relocation assistance, customs broker service, airline sales representation are some of the services already available at our new locations – Lisbon and Madeira.

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General Sales Agent

Dedicated sales and ticketing for airlines, buses, trains, cruise lines and rent-a-cars – as well as handling cargo through carriers. ASL Partners is the proud GSA of SkyUp Airlines (IATA: PQ | ICAO: SQP). We’ve also teamed up with TBS Tours Holding, a northern European, Adriatic and Black sea experiences operator, as their dedicated and exclusive DMC for Portugal and GSA.

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Corporate Travel Services

Secure optimal routes, compliance to budget and protocols, for customized business trips, incentive travel, notable dining experiences aboard striking cruises and yachts, splendid golf journeys through awarded venues, helicopter or jet flights to set the seal on an agreement, logistic services for relocating team members – we will efficiently execute the bookings and arrangements required to a pleasureful and luxury experience.

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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions

When show casing your trade and brilliantly closing in on deals is best guaranteed on a venue, ASL Partners is your devoted partner. Experienced in renting and personalizing office spaces and inventive spots, creating entertaining and innovative team building leisure trips grand in morale boosting and performance enhancement. When it comes to gather the brightest minds and experts for brainstorming and experience sharing, conferences are a sure way to accommodate common interests - our skilled team arranges location, transportation, catering, equipment, listings, accommodation, staff – aiming for satisfaction and outstanding commitment.

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Customs Broker

Navigating the bureaucracy and procedures in foreign countries is often tedious and intricate. ASL Partners facilitate efficient movement of assets by managing customs clearance procedures. Our experts are familiarized with the complex EU and Portuguese regulations, ensuring compliance with import/export laws and taxes, vehicle legalization and relocation of assets. Dedicating attention and accuracy to documentation handling, tolls, currency, duties and packaging, saving you both time and money and mitigating risks of delays and penalties. We streamline your import/export needs, personal and business replacement – your brokerage made easy.


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Enjoy the flexibility to adjust your departure and arrival times any moment, select from a variety of accommodation options...

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Mouth watering catering from international chefs, supreme high-tech venues, extravagant entertainment...

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